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Export GitHub issues to a configurable CSV
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GitHub Reporter

Export GitHub issues to a configurable CSV

Log in with your GitHub account and click on a repo to export its issues to CSV.

Customize date format, search filters, column headings and more.

Major Dependencies

Run Locally/Contribute

  • Clone this respository
  • Make sure you're running at least Node 7.x and NPM 3.x
  • Easily run multiple node versions using nvm
  • run npm isntall, or if you have yarn installed locally, run yarn

Environment Variables


  • GH_CLIENT_ID: GitHub Application Client ID. Obtained in GitHub settings -> Developer Settings -> OAuth applications
  • GH_CLIENT_SECRET: GitHub Application Client Secret. Obtained in GitHub settings -> Developer Settings -> OAuth applications
  • GH_REDIRECT_URI: GitHub Application Redirect URI. This is set in the application settings.
    • This should be in the format {API_ROOT}/api/gh_callback
    • E.g. http://localhost:5005/api/gh_callback or
    • This URL must match the URL in the GitHub OAuth appilcation settings exactly. More on that here.


  • CLIENT_ROOT: Should only be needed in development. Defaults to '' (empty string)
    • Set to http://localhost:3000 for development.
    • This could really just be set based on the NODE_ENV and eliminated.
  • REACT_APP_API_URL: Root URL of the API. Defaults to '' (empty string)
  • APP_NAME: Used to set the User-Agent on GitHub API calls. Defaults to 'Github-Reporter'.
  • DB_URI: Connection string for a MongoDB database.
    • Defaults to 'localhost/ghrDB'.
    • mongod or the equivalent needs to be running to use a local database
    • Database connection is configured with mongoose
  • NODE_ENV: set to production to run production server on port 80


  • Run npm run server to start the API server
  • Server will listen on port 5005
  • The production build of the front-end will be running at localhost:5005

User Interface

  • To run the front-end development server:
    • Run npm start
    • A new browser window will open to localhost:3000
  • API calls will proxy to localhost:5005
  • This enables you to run your development frontend and development server concurrently on different ports
  • In production, API requests will be local ('/')
  • Bootstrapped with create-react-app
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