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An ERP Software System using Filament: Currently a WIP


  1. Git clone:
git clone
  1. Cd into erpsaas directory
cd erpsaas
  1. Install via composer: You will get an error that vite manifest cannot be found, just keep following instructions.
composer install
  1. Install Dependencies: You can use one of either pnpm, npm, or yarn.
pnpm install
  1. Build Manifest
pnpm run build
  1. Copy .env.example and configure your database:
cp .env.example .env
  1. Generate APP_KEY for Laravel:
php artisan key:generate
  1. IMPORTANT! Link your database (preferably mysql) to app storage in order to generate assets/images/csv files:
php artisan storage:link
  1. Migrate the database tables to your DB:
php artisan migrate
  1. Now run the following command to install shield (do --fresh just in case):
Note: I added the app/Policies folder to .gitignore, if you want to keep them remove it from .gitignore after finishing installation.
php artisan shield:install --fresh
  1. Run Dev:
pnpm run dev
  1. Follow the prompts, then login with your email and password at the following url or similar at your-url/admin:
  1. In this order:
Create A New Company (As Many As You Want)
Create Department(s) For Company/Companies
Create Employee(s) For Your Company/Companies
Create An Asset for Your Bank First with Account Name being your Bank Name (example. Bank of America) as a Current Asset
You can now Create an Asset, along with Liabilities, etc from the Dashboard Page (Chart of Accounts).
Create Bank(s) for Your Company/Companies and Departments
Create Account(s) for Your Bank(s)
Create Card(s) for Your Account(s)
Create Income & Expense Transaction(s) for Your Card(s)


Please make suggestions if you don't want to contribute. I plan on making this a full fledged ERP System with more than an accounting Module. I plan on integrating Plaid for accounting automation in the future.. Please fork this repo and submit pull requests if you want to contribute!