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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright © 2011 Andrew D. Yates
# All Rights Reserved
"""XMLDSig: Sign and Verify XML digital cryptographic signatures.
xmldsig is a minimal implementation of bytestring cryptographic
xml digital signatures which I have written to handle the Google
Application Single Sign On service in Security Assertion Markup
Language. (Google Apps, SSO, SAML respectively).
In this module, all XML must be in Bytestring XML Format:
Bytestring XML Format
* XML is a utf-8 encoded bytestring.
* XML namespaces must explicitly define all xmlns prefix names
* XML is in minimum whitespace representation.
* <Signature> always signs the entire xml string
* signed XML must be in "Canonicalization" (c14n) form
* <Signature> is always enveloped as the first child of root
Note that whitespace, character case, and encoding are significant in
Bytestring XML: e.g. "<b>text</b>" is not the same as "<b> text</b>".
* [DI]
Signing an XML document using XMLDSIG
* [RFC 2437]
PKCS #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications
* [RFC 3275]
(Extensible Markup Language) XML-Signature Syntax and Processing
* [RSA-SHA1]
XML Signature Syntax and Processing (Second Edition)
Section: 6.4.2 PKCS1 (RSA-SHA1)
import hashlib
import re
import int_to_bytes as itb
RX_ROOT = re.compile('<[^> ]+ ?([^>]*)>')
RX_NS = re.compile('xmlns:[^> ]+')
RX_SIGNATURE = re.compile('<Signature.*?</Signature>')
RX_SIGNED_INFO = re.compile('<SignedInfo.*?</SignedInfo>')
RX_SIG_VALUE = re.compile('<SignatureValue[^>]*>([^>]+)</SignatureValue>')
# SHA1 digest with ASN.1 BER SHA1 algorithm designator prefix [RSA-SHA1]
PREFIX = '\x30\x21\x30\x09\x06\x05\x2B\x0E\x03\x02\x1A\x05\x00\x04\x14'
# Pattern Map:
# xmlns_attr: xml name space definition attributes including ' ' prefix
# digest_value: padded hash of message in base64
'<SignedInfo xmlns=""%(xmlns_attr)s><CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm=""></CanonicalizationMethod><SignatureMethod Algorithm=""></SignatureMethod><Reference URI=""><Transforms><Transform Algorithm=""></Transform></Transforms><DigestMethod Algorithm=""></DigestMethod><DigestValue>%(digest_value)s</DigestValue></Reference></SignedInfo>'
# Pattern Map:
# signed_info_xml: str <SignedInfo> bytestring xml
# signature_value: str computed signature from <SignedInfo> in base64
# key_info_xml: str <KeyInfo> bytestring xml of signing key information
# signature_id: str in form `Id="VALUE" ` (trailing space required) or ""
'<Signature %(signature_id)sxmlns="">%(signed_info_xml)s<SignatureValue>%(signature_value)s</SignatureValue>%(key_info_xml)s</Signature>'
# Pattern Map:
# modulus: str signing RSA key modulus in base64
# exponent: str signing RSA key exponent in base64
# Pattern Map:
# cert_b64: str of X509 encryption certificate in base64
# subject_name_xml: str <X509SubjectName> bytstring xml or ""
# Pattern Map:
# subject_name: str of <SubjectName> value
b64d = lambda s: s.decode('base64')
def b64e(s):
if type(s) in (int, long):
s = itb.int_to_bytes(s)
return s.encode('base64').replace('\n', '')
def sign(xml, f_private, key_info_xml, key_size, sig_id_value=None):
"""Return xmldsig XML string from xml_string of XML.
xml: str of bytestring xml to sign
f_private: func of RSA key private function
key_size: int of RSA key modulus size in bits (usually 128, 256, 1024, 2048, etc.)
key_info_xml: str of <KeyInfo> bytestring xml including public key
sig_id_value: str of signature id value
str: signed bytestring xml
signed_info_xml = _signed_info(xml)
signed = _signed_value(signed_info_xml, key_size)
signature_value = f_private(signed)
if sig_id_value is None:
signature_id = ""
signature_id = 'Id="%s" ' % sig_id_value
signature_xml = PTN_SIGNATURE_XML % {
'signed_info_xml': signed_info_xml,
'signature_value': b64e(signature_value),
'key_info_xml': key_info_xml,
'signature_id': signature_id,
# insert xmldsig after first '>' in message
signed_xml = xml.replace('>', '>'+signature_xml, 1)
return signed_xml
def verify(xml, f_public, key_size):
"""Return if <Signature> is valid for `xml`
xml: str of XML with xmldsig <Signature> element
f_public: func from RSA key public function
key_size: int of RSA key modulus size in bits
bool: signature for `xml` is valid
signature_xml =
unsigned_xml = xml.replace(signature_xml, '')
# compute the given signed value
signature_value =
expected = f_public(b64d(signature_value))
# compute the actual signed value
signed_info_xml = _signed_info(unsigned_xml)
actual = _signed_value(signed_info_xml, key_size)
is_verified = (expected == actual)
return is_verified
def key_info_xml_rsa(modulus, exponent):
"""Return <KeyInfo> xml bytestring using raw public RSA key.
modulus: str of bytes
exponent: str of bytes
str of bytestring xml
'modulus': b64e(modulus),
'exponent': b64e(exponent),
return xml
def key_info_xml_cert(cert_b64, subject_name=None):
"""Return <KeyInfo> xml bytestring using RSA X509 certificate.
cert_b64: str of certificate contents in base64
subject_name: str of value of <X509SubjectName> or None
if subject_name is None:
subject_name_xml = ""
subject_name_xml = PTN_X509_SUBJECT_NAME % {
'subject_name': subject_name,
xml = PTN_KEY_INFO_X509_CERT % {
'cert_b64': cert_b64,
'subject_name_xml': subject_name_xml,
return xml
def _digest(data):
"""SHA1 hash digest of message data.
Implements RFC2437, 9.2.1 EMSA-PKCS1-v1_5, Step 1. for "Hash = SHA1"
data: str of bytes to digest
str: of bytes of digest from `data`
hasher = hashlib.sha1()
return hasher.digest()
def _get_xmlns_prefixes(xml):
"""Return string of root namespace prefix attributes in given order.
xml: str of bytestring xml
str: [xmlns:prefix="uri"] list ordered as in `xml`
root_attr = RX_ROOT.match(xml).group(1)
ns_attrs = [a for a in root_attr.split(' ') if RX_NS.match(a)]
return ' '.join(ns_attrs)
def _signed_info(xml):
"""Return <SignedInfo> for bytestring xml.
xml: str of bytestring
str: xml bytestring of <SignedInfo> computed from `xml`
xmlns_attr = _get_xmlns_prefixes(xml)
if xmlns_attr:
xmlns_attr = ' %s' % xmlns_attr
signed_info_xml = PTN_SIGNED_INFO_XML % {
'xmlns_attr': xmlns_attr,
'digest_value': b64e(_digest(xml)),
return signed_info_xml
def _signed_value(data, key_size):
"""Return unencrypted rsa-sha1 signature value `padded_digest` from `data`.
The resulting signed value will be in the form:
(01 | FF* | 00 | prefix | digest) [RSA-SHA1]
where "digest" is of the generated c14n xml for <SignedInfo>.
data: str of bytes to sign
key_size: int of key length in bits; => len(`data`) + 3
str: rsa-sha1 signature value of `data`
asn_digest = PREFIX + _digest(data)
# Pad to "one octet shorter than the RSA modulus" [RSA-SHA1]
# WARNING: key size is in bits, not bytes!
padded_size = key_size/8 - 1
pad_size = padded_size - len(asn_digest) - 2
pad = '\x01' + '\xFF' * pad_size + '\x00'
padded_digest = pad + asn_digest
return padded_digest