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##Laravel 4 - Bootstrap Application (Stable)

This is a Laravel 4 Bootstrap Application that has Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0 and a skeleton app on Laravel 4.

Originally a fork of a repo by brunogaspar that no longer exists.

###How to install

git clone git:// laravel
cd laravel
curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

You might want to make composer as an alias for future ease of use.

Now that you have the Laravel 4 installed, you need to create a database for it and update the file app/config/database.php

###After that, run these commands to create and populate Users table:

php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

Make sure app/storage is writable by your web server.

If permissions are set correctly:

chmod -R 775 app/storage

Should work, if not try

chmod -R 777 app/storage

Navigate to your Laravel 4 website and try to login with the default credentials:

email :
password : test

Create a new user at /account/register


This is open-sourced software license under the MIT license