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Post Aggregator Firebase Cloud Function and Angular Application
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Post Aggregator

This project creates a Firebase Cloud Function that aggregates blog posts from multiple RSS feeds.

The project uses the rss-parser npm package

In order to use this Firebase Cloud Function in your project you just need to make a POST call to the following endpoint:

The POST body structure needs to provide an array of itmes like so

Item {
  id: number;
  sourceURL: string;

The POST Body will look like this:

PostBody {
  input: Item[] | null;

Call the Firebase Cloud Function with Angular HTTPClient

Here's an example code using the Angular HTTPClient:

// items following a structure of id and sourceURL as shown above
const items = [];
const postBody = new PostBody();

const exampleItem = {
  id: '0',
  sourceURL: ''

postBody.input = this.items;

return<Result>(environment.functionURL, postBody);

Result Structure

The result structure that is returned from the Fireabse Cloud Function is as follows:

Result {
  sourceURL: string | null;
  sourceName: string | null;
  creator: string | null;
  title: string | null;
  link: string | null;
  pubDate: string | null;
  contentSnippet: string | null;
  categories: string[] | null;

The fields that are returned correspond to the RSS standard and the fields that are available with the RSS parser.

Client Application

I also created a client application that lets you interact with a GUI to showcase the Firebase Cloud Function. Just go to the hosted url here. Then add a RSS endpoint and when you click "output posts" it calls the Firebase Cloud Function and returns the result formatted (parsed from the JSON).

Projet Folders

  • The main project is just the client application
  • The Firebase Cloud Function is available in the functions folder

This project is open source with the MIT License. Feel free to open a PR or Issue if you'd have some improvements or ways to make it better.

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