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rubber duck

This project attempts to make learning fun.

The application is hosted with Firebase and can be reached at

The idea is that you record anytime you learn something. This is considered an activity. Each activity has points. At the end of the week, the points are tallied and winners are determined for First, Second, and Third place. Winners are encouraged to post information about what they did on the different slack channels.

Project was originally developec as a clone of my earlier project overwatch-challenge.

If you hae any other questions, please contact Andrew here

Rubber Duck image is from here.

What's with the Rubber Duck?

npm Scripts

  • prod-deploy deploys frontend and functions to Firebase
  • staged-commit sets environment values beofre making project commit
  • setup-environment pulls in production values for development work
  • functions-install does the standard npm install for functions
  • docs-build builds the project docs
  • docs-deploy deploys the project docs to repo's GitHub Pages site
  • docs-serve serves the project docs locally on
  • code-coverage runs unit tests with Karma and generates coverage report
  • prod-test runs unit tests in CI pipeline
  • cypress-open runs cypress binary in local
  • cypress-run runs cypress binary in CI
  • dev-cypress run e2e testing locally
  • prod-cypress run e2e testing in CI
  • cypress-install install cypress in CI container

E2E Testing

Unit Testing

  • unit testing is done with Karma


Project Folders

  • functions contains the Firebase functions
  • scripts contains build scripts for development
  • postman contains a postman collection for running with localhost and deployed versions of the API

Angular Folders

  • application is divided by functionality
  • activity is components related to activity
  • models are classes used as models for data in the application
  • static are any static pages (i.e. content page, etc.)
  • users are specific pages that deal with user login etc.


The project uses the Firebase SDK and AngularFire2 for authentication and database services.

The project also has Firebase Functions that occur when writes are done to:

  • users collection
  • teamActivities collection

Slack Integration

The project includes Slack integrations for messages when:

  • new users are created
  • new activities are created
  • high scores are tallied

The team channels available on slack are:

  • create-activity where any newly created activities are automatically posted via slack webhook
  • registered-users where any newly registered users (name only, no other info) are posted
  • learning team channel for general discussion about learning activities
  • high-scores where high scores are tallied and posted

There are links to join the slack org available inside the application once you register.

Outstanding Tasks

  • increase unit test coverage (Karma)
  • improve documentation
  • refact to add more models
  • refactor API to have consistent handling of promises and requests
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