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This project is an example of Configuration Driven Development (CDD). This accompanies Andrew and Ram's talk Configuration Based Development Approach - Andrew Evans & Ram Ramkumar w/CapTech.

For a copy of our presentation please see the "presentation" folder in this project.

This project also has an accompanying set of APIs that are hosted as Azure Functions. To see those in action, please check out the repo boardwalk.

This project has multiple branches that show how you can iterate from a "traditonal" project over to one that is done with CDD.

  • branch master is the final product with CDD
  • branch level-0 is a basic project with no CDD
  • branch level-1 is a refactor of the project available at level-0 to include the addition of some modular components and the start of CDD
  • branch level-2 is a final refactor of level-0 with full use of CDD

Running Locally

This project uses Azure Functions and Cosmos DB as the backend. Please go to our project boardwalk for the source code for those.

To run this project with a backend, you'll need to deploy the project's functions to Azure (or at least run them locally). Either way, once you have the functions running locally or deployed in Azure, you'll need to add the API prefix (base URL for your functions) to the file at /src/index.js as you see here:

// when your backend is deployed, here is where you put the API prefix
const initialState = {};
const { persistor, store } = configureStore(initialState);

    function (config) {
        config.url = DEV_API_PREFIX + config.url;
        return config;
    function (error) {
        return Promise.reject(error);

Project Images

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Special Thanks

In addition to everyone that attended our meetup, we also want to give a special shoutout to Patrick Youells for introducing us to the CDD concept! The methods used in this project draw inspiration from work we have done on previous projects together.


Configuration Driven Development (CDD) while at the beach!




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