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import http
import json
functions and classes for generating HAR data from parsed http data
# json_repr for HTTP header dicts
def header_json_repr(d):
return [
'name': k,
'value': v
} for k, v in d.iteritems()
def query_json_repr(d):
# d = {string: [string]}
# we need to print all values of the list
output = []
for k, l in d.iteritems():
for v in l:
'name': k,
'value': v
return output
# add json_repr methods to http classes
def HTTPRequestJsonRepr(self):
self = http.Request
return {
'method': self.msg.method,
'url': self.url,
'httpVersion': 'HTTP/' + self.msg.version,
'cookies': [],
'queryString': query_json_repr(self.query),
'headersSize': -1,
'headers': header_json_repr(self.msg.headers),
'bodySize': len(self.msg.body),
http.Request.json_repr = HTTPRequestJsonRepr
def HTTPResponseJsonRepr(self):
content = {
'size': self.body_length,
'mimeType': self.mimeType
if self.compression_amount is not None:
content['compression'] = self.compression_amount
if self.text:
if self.encoding:
content['text'] = self.text
content['encoding'] = self.encoding
content['text'] = self.text.encode('utf8') # must transcode to utf-8
return {
'status': int(self.msg.status),
'statusText': self.msg.reason,
'httpVersion': self.msg.version,
'cookies': [],
'headersSize': -1,
'bodySize': self.raw_body_length,
'redirectURL': self.msg.headers['location'] if 'location' in self.msg.headers else '',
'headers': header_json_repr(self.msg.headers),
'content': content,
http.Response.json_repr = HTTPResponseJsonRepr
# custom json encoder
class JsonReprEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
Custom Json Encoder that attempts to call json_repr on every object it
def default(self, obj):
if hasattr(obj, 'json_repr'):
return obj.json_repr()
return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj) # should call super instead?
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