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class Message:
Contains a dpkt.http.Request/Response, as well as other data required to
build a HAR, including (mostly) start and end time.
* msg: underlying dpkt class
* data_consumed: how many bytes of input were consumed
* seq_start: first sequence number of the Message's data in the tcpdir
* seq_end: first sequence number past Message's data (slice-style indices)
* ts_start: when Message started arriving (dpkt timestamp)
* ts_end: when Message had fully arrived (dpkt timestamp)
* body_raw: body before compression is taken into account
* tcpdir: The tcp.Direction corresponding to the HTTP message
def __init__(self, tcpdir, pointer, msgclass):
tcpdir = tcp.Direction
pointer = position within to start parsing from. byte index
msgclass = dpkt.http.Request/Response
self.tcpdir = tcpdir
# attempt to parse as http. let exception fall out to caller
self.msg = msgclass([pointer:]) =
self.data_consumed = (len( - pointer) - len(
# calculate sequence numbers of data
self.seq_start = tcpdir.byte_to_seq(pointer)
self.seq_end = tcpdir.byte_to_seq(pointer + self.data_consumed) # past-the-end
# calculate arrival_times
self.ts_start = tcpdir.seq_final_arrival(self.seq_start)
self.ts_end = tcpdir.seq_final_arrival(self.seq_end - 1)
# get raw body
self.raw_body = self.msg.body
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