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import dpkt
from pcaputil import *
from socket import inet_ntoa
import logging as log
import os
import shutil
import tcp
from packetdispatcher import PacketDispatcher
def ParsePcap(dispatcher, filename=None, reader=None):
Parses the passed pcap file or pcap reader.
Adds the packets to the PacketDispatcher. Keeps a list
dispatcher = PacketDispatcher
reader = pcaputil.ModifiedReader or None
filename = filename of pcap file or None
check for filename first; if there is one, load the reader from that. if
not, look for reader.
if filename:
f = open(filename, 'rb')
pcap = ModifiedReader(f)
except dpkt.dpkt.Error as e:
log.warning('failed to parse pcap file %s' % filename)
elif reader:
pcap = reader
raise 'function ParsePcap needs either a filename or pcap reader'
#now we have the reader; read from it
packet_count = 1 # start from 1 like Wireshark
errors = [] # store errors for later inspection
for packet in pcap:
ts = packet[0] # timestamp
buf = packet[1] # frame data
hdr = packet[2] # libpcap header
# discard incomplete packets
if hdr.caplen != hdr.len:
# log packet number so user can diagnose issue in wireshark
log.warning('ParsePcap: discarding incomplete packet, # %d' % packet_count)
# parse packet
# handle SLL packets, thanks Libo
dltoff = dpkt.pcap.dltoff
if pcap.dloff == dltoff[dpkt.pcap.DLT_LINUX_SLL]:
eth = dpkt.sll.SLL(buf)
# otherwise, for now, assume Ethernet
eth = dpkt.ethernet.Ethernet(buf)
dispatcher.add(ts, buf, eth)
# catch errors from this packet
except dpkt.Error as e:
errors.append((packet, e, packet_count))
log.warning('Error parsing packet: %s. On packet #%s' %
(e, packet_count))
packet_count += 1
except dpkt.dpkt.NeedData as error:
log.warning('A packet in the pcap file was too short, '
'packet_count=%d' % packet_count)
errors.append((None, error))
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