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import dns
import dpkt
import logging as log
class Processor:
Processes and interprets UDP packets.
Call its add(pkt) method with each dpkt.udp.UDP packet from the pcap or
whatever. It will expose information from the packets, at this point mostly
DNS information. It will automatically create a dns processor and expose it
as its `dns` member variable.
This class is basically a nonce, if I may borrow the term, for the sake of
architectural elegance. But I think it's begging for trouble to combine it
with DNS handling.
def __init__(self):
self.dns = dns.Processor()
def add(self, ts, pkt):
pkt = dpkt.udp.UDP
#check for DNS
if == 53 or pkt.dport == 53:
dnspkt = dpkt.dns.DNS(
self.dns.add(dns.Packet(ts, dnspkt))
except dpkt.Error:
log.warning('UDP packet on port 53 was not DNS')
log.warning('unkown UDP ports: %d->%d' % (, pkt.dport))
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