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Messy #4

6 commits merged into from Oct 23, 2010

1 participant


Added LICENSE file.

Andrew Fleenor and others added some commits Sep 25, 2010
Andrew Fleenor Trivial changes from Libo Song
Miscellaneous format improvements, a few debug messages which are now
commented out. I think that's all.
Andrew Fleenor deleting 36a33ab
Andrew Fleenor more minor changes from Libo 3fafb93
Andrew Fleenor temporarily fixed the response-parsing issue
added a modified dpkt.http as dpkt_http_replacement. changed http
request/response classes to use this instead of the real dpkt.http.
dpkt_http_replacement is not completely fixed yet.
@ryanwitt ryanwitt Added a BSD license. c6db014
@ryanwitt ryanwitt Link to mailing list. 7bc9669
This issue was closed.
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