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Hardwar - Computer Game, Sci-fi Flight sim

This is a re-make of another game with the same name which is also called "Hardwar".

The game is currently is pre-alpha state. There is currently no game to play.

If you are interested in helping develop the game then please see below for build instructions.


The building instructions should be similar regardless of if you're on windows, osx or linux.

For library dependency management I use bower which requires node-js and npm to be installed. After you have these installed you should be able to download the code and run "bower install" to get all the dependencies needed to build the game.

###Debian / Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev nvidia-cg-toolkit libfreeimage-dev \
zlib1g-dev libzzip-dev libois-dev libcppunit-dev doxygen libxt-dev libxaw7-dev \
libxxf86vm-dev libxrandr-dev libglu-dev libboost-date-time-dev libboost-thread-dev \
libboost-filesystem-dev git npm nodejs-legacy cmake

git clone
cd ./Hardwar
sudo npm install -g bower
bower install
cmake -H. -B./
cd ./