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This is a Vim plugin designed to make it easy to flip between 'soft' and 'hard' wrapping when editing text-like files. Typically one comes across various text files which have no hard carriage returns to wrap text - each paragraph is one long line (e.g. many Markdown files are like this). Other files use "hard" wrapping (like this README, for example), where each line ending is "hard" wrapped using the author's preference for line length (typically in the 78-80 character range).

This plugin makes it easy to quickly flip between the two when files are open, setting the relevant vim settings to make it "natural" to edit the file that way. At the moment, this just changes textwidth and wrap/nowrap.

Minimal Configuration

As well as installing the plugin (see 'Installation' below), you will also like to have some keybindings for the SoftWrapMode and HardWrapMode commands, which flip between the different types of wrapping. This should probably look roughly like this in your vim configuration (change the keys themselves to your preference):

nnoremap <Leader>ws :SoftWrapMode<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>wh :HardWrapMode<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>wt :ToggleWrapMode<CR>


  • set g:wrapping_softhard_textwidth_for_hard=NNN - column at which text is wrapped by default in hard wrapping mode. Defaults to 79.

  • set g:wrapping_softhard_default_hard='soft'|'hard' - set to either 'hard' or 'soft', determines which is the default for newly-loaded files. This is 'hard' by default if not set.

  • set g:wrapping_softhard_autodetermine=0|1 - this determines whether softhard will (1) or will not (0) attempt to automatically determine if a file, when being opened, should be treated with soft or hard line endings and switch modes automatically. Defaults to on.

  • set g:wrapping_softhard_line_length_compensator=N.N - when determining automatic modes, the plugin will calculate the average line length, and multiply it by this factor. If that's less than g:wrapping_softhard_textwidth_for_hard, hard lines will be used, otherwise soft. This factor is 0.6 by default.

  • set g:wrapping_softhard_integrate_airline=0|1 - by default, the plugin will integrate with vim-airline to automatically add an (H) or (s) to the status line next to the encoding type. If you set this to 0, or this plugin detects that vim-airline is not loaded (it should be loaded before vim-wrapping-softhard), this will not happen.


Use a vim package manager. If you don't have one, pathogen.vim is a good place to start. Once you've installed it, run:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


There are some vader tests in the tests/ directory.