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Desuade Library Change Log -
Motion Package 1.5.2 & Partigen 2.5.2 (2011/02/05)
-added: ParticleEvent.FINISHED called when the last particle dies after calling em.stop()
-added: emitter.stop(runcontrollers, purge:Boolean=true) if the pool gets purged on finish
-changed: pool.purge() is called automatically on emitter.stop()
-added: Timer check to clear pooled primitives when engine is idle, freeing up memory
-fixed: error without end function callback
-fixed: Tween.delayedTween delay as int not number (via John Hattan)
-fixed: anytime BaseTicker.addEventListener is called, it will automatically call start() (no-tween Renderers)
-changed: updated DebugCodes for primitives
-added: BasicObjectPool.remove() method to remove an object from the pool
-added: BasicObjectPool.onLastCheckIn property method to be called when the last object gets checked in
-changed: Pools will now shrink automatically by the expandSize when there's excess, freeing memory
Motion Package 1.5.1 & Partigen 2.5.1 (2010/07/15)
-added: PixelRenderer now supports particleBlendMode (assumes all particles have same blendmode)
-added: Emitter.toXML() now includes partigen attribute for version number
-changed: Pool.particles Dictionary object key pair changed: particle|true -> particle|
-changed: BasicPixelParticle now takes real blendMode property
-changed: emitter.fromXML() now makes sure groupAmount is at least 1
-changed: default changed: 0 -> 1 to match UI
-fixed: PixelRenderers with end alphas of 0 reappearing for 1 frame
-fixed: PELFile not calling onLoad if no SWCs were present
-fixed: prefetching effects with color controllers
-fixed: emitter.killParticles not working since change to Dictionary
-fixed: ClassSequence with color and multitweens using startAtTime
-fixed: BasicColorTweens and BasicMultiTweens not accepting position at start
Motion Package 1.5 & Partigen 2.5 (2010/06/12)
-added: PixelRenderer for high-performance pixel-based effects
-added: BasicPixelParticle and PixelParticle base classes for optimized performance with PixelRenderers
-added: BasicPool class for Partigen package for object pooling (greatly increases performance)
-added: Emitter.particleFilters and XML support for dynamic filters on particles
-added: BitmapRenderer.automagic - starts/stops the renderer on demand, no need for manual control
-added: Emitter.cacheParticleAsBitmap for particles
-added: RenderEvent STARTED & STOPPED events for BitmapRenderer
-added: BitmapRenderer.predraw (choose to draw the particle before or after filters)
-added: BitmapRenderer.clear() to clear the bitmapdata
-added: - boolean if the renderer is running
-added: Standard/BitmapRenderer.removeAllParticles()
-added: IDEEmitter.prefetchTime
-added: particleBaseClass support in XML
-added: IBasicParticle and IParticle interfaces
-added: Pool.length for total particles in the pool
-added: Pool.purge()
-added: Emitter.forceVariety for use with BasicPools
-added: Particle.isclean and isbuilt for use with BasicPools
-fixed: IDEEmitter issues when not used as a component
-fixed: Emitter prefetching now much, much more accurate and stable
-fixed: BitmapCanvas.setRenderer not removing original listener
-fixed: ParticleController/ParticleTweenController setSmartPrecision() for setBeginValue()
-fixed: Emitter now has a renderers/particles array so fromXML() has the classes included on compile
-fixed: BitmapRenderer.resize not disposing bitmaps
-fixed: Emitter.fromXML renderers not having attributes
-fixed: Emitter.from/toXML not converting renderer values correctly
-fixed: Particle would not remove itself from renderer/pool if it was changed before death
-fixed: BitmapRenderer applying blur when fade = 0
-fixed: BitmapCanvas resetting coords
-fixed: IDEEmitter not using the renderer from XML
-fixed: IDEEmitter not including all renderers
-fixed: Emitter.fromXML would fail with controllers if the tag/array order wasn't [1]
-fixed: Particle color controllers would tint entire particles including particleFilters
-fixed: PELFile would still onLoad() if there was an error
-changed: Particle groups now use a rearrange method, used to refresh a particle to look different
-changed: BasicPool is now the default (previously NullPool)
-changed: Pools now require the particleBaseClass in the constructor [not backwards compatible]
-changed: Pools now use a Dictionary to store particles
-changed: BasicParticle.count -> Partigen.particleCount
-changed: BasicEmitter.count -> Partigen.emitterCount
-changed: handling of adding/removing particles from the pool no longer rely on id
-changed: Emitters will now emit() as soon as start() is called
-changed: BasicParticles now place the source particles into a holder and apply color to that
-changed: internal datatypes for BasicParticle are now IBasicParticle
-changed: emitter.particleClass => particleBaseClass for more clarification
-changed: ParticleTweenController.setSingleTween() now returns the ParticleTweenController
-changed: Renderer start() and stop() methods are only on BitmapRenderers now
-changed: BitmapRenderer._zeroPoint is now a public variable: 'offset'
-changed: groupBitmap now uses the original positioning unless proximity is > 0
-changed: BitmapRenderer doesn't need sizes, use resize() after XML load
-changed: IDEEmitters/BitmapCanvas will still show in IDE (livepreview) when show indicator is false
-changed: IDEEmitter removed rendertoparent param
-changed: BitmapCanvas.renderer now read only
-changed: Bitmap fadeblur is now an int (no sub pixel blurs needed)
-changed: BitmapRenderer.render() uses drawMethod() now (for inherited renderers to override)
-changed: Emitter.reset now calls pool.purge()
-changed: particle and particleBaseClass are now getter/setters updated for pools
-added: Pooling support for all Primitive classes
-added: Duration support to Basic/PrimitivePhysics objects
-added: BasicPhysics.startAtTime()
-added: BaseTicker.physicsRate
-added: MotionController.rebuild()
-fixed: rounding with MultiTweens failed completely
-fixed: setStartValue() would generate a different value even if the MotionController was already built
-fixed: MotionController.start() passing keyframes besides 'begin' and startTime
-fixed: DelayableFunc delay value turned into an int, preventing decimal delays
-fixed: KeyframeContainer.isFlat() for spread start values and color = none
-fixed: Keyframe.fromXML() was modifying original XML, breaking XML reuse
-changed: MultiControllers now have a rebuild parameter like MotionControllers
-changed: BasicPhysics objects can now be sequenced (with duration property > 0)
-changed: Updated Primitives to use init to set properties instead of constructor
-changed: MultiTween/ColorTween/Tween updated for new Random class
-changed: MotionController.setSingleTween() returns the MotionController
-changed: MultiController.addController() returns the MotionController added
-changed: Physics - added PI constant
-added: BasicObjectPool class
-added: MultiPool class
-changed: Random class with faster random method
-changed: Improved Random/color class with toString and getValue
-added: new demos to existing files to showcase new features
-changed: updated compatibility to 1.5/2.5
-fixed: motion_tween event for last demo, and partigen em2 event demo
Motion Package 1.1 & Partigen 2.1 (2010/03/16)
-added: prefetching - allows you to start an emitter as if it's already been running
-added: XML support for Renderers in Emitters - allowing bitmap effect presets
-added: BitmapCanvas class for BitmapRenderer for easy management of BitmapRenderers
-added: emitter.particleBlendMode - blendmode for particles
-added: emitter.groupBitmap - lets particle groups be created as bitmaps
-added: emitters now automatically start their renderers on start()
-changed: emitter.particle can now be any class, and does not have to inherit from BasicParticle
-changed: emitter.particleClass (and groupAmount=0) is the same as old style emitter.particle
-changed: emitter.start() now accepts the 'prefetch' parameter first
-changed: re-factored internal emit/createParticle methods
-changed: BitmapRenderer no longer asks for BitmapData (not backwards-compatible)
-changed: BasicParticle and Particle classes inherently use groups
-changed: emitter.groupAmount now defaults to 1
-changed: Pools now reflect the new particle group system, and are simplified
-removed: IDEEmitter renderToParent - since new XML renderer feature does this automatically
-removed: BasicGroupParticle, GroupParticle
-added: MotionController.start(keyframe, startTime) - startTime (from ClassSequence.startAtTime)
-added: ClassSequence: duration, startAtTime(), getPositionInTime() for Tween-based classes only
-added: Tween/BasicTween run method for simple, strict-typed unmanaged tweening
-added: position parameter to BasicTween
-added: MotionController.sequence getter
-changed: MotionController.buildSequence is now public
-changed: tweenObject -> configObject
-fixed: motioncontroller/sequence bug
-fixed: Tween.position bug
-added: examples for DMP 1.1 and Partigen 2.1
-fixed: lots of misc bugs from .fla->.as port
Motion Package 1.0 & Partigen 2.0 Master Release (2009/12/01)
-added: KeyframeContainers now have a length property
-changed: BasicPhysics made getVelocityWithAngle public and static
-changed: PhysicsMultiController precision values changed to v-1,a-2,f-2
-changed: ease function/string/null conversions done in tween classes > BasicTween
-changed: primitiveTweens now strictly require ease Functions, doesn't require Easing class
-changed: moved sequence building in start() for MotionControllers, no need to rebuild sequence
-changed: controllers.start(keyframe = 'begin')
-changed: KeyframeContainer.add now returns the Keyframe's label
-examples: added new MotionController example and starting at custom keyframe example
-fix: bug when loading eases from XML
-fix: rare bug with KeyframeContainers internal count - now uses new length prop
-fix: starting a controller at a keyframe will now start at the correct value
-fix: makeEase function
-fix: primitiveTweens not calling update() when duration < 0, causing 0-duration tweens to fail
-fix: MultiController.fromXML duration not converted to Number
-added: 'random' ordering for Render classes
-added: libraries package and PELFile class
-added: emitter.reset()
-added: emitter.killParticles()
-added: error catching when parsing emitter XML
-changed: ParticleTweenControllers now set the precision based on known special props, like alpha and scale
-changed: groupAmount = 0 now default
-changed: NullPool and BasicEmitter - groupAmount 0 will create standard particle, >0 will create a group
-changed: SweepPool inherits NullPool (for inheritance)
-changed: emitter.fromXML(xml, reset = true) emitter now resets when XML is applied as default
-changed: emitter group info always gets output to XML
-fix: bug when loading eases from XML
-fix: vector particles no longer bitmaps in FP10
-fix: emitter.eps defaults to 1 just so emitter doesn't throw an error
-fix: emitters won't error out on stop() when they're not active
-fix: emitter.fromXML no particle class -> now throws Debug error
-fix: emitter.fromXML now has undefined checks for all variables
-fix: ParticlePhysicsController.fromXML duration not converted to Number
-added: outputMethod for sending debug info to other methods besides trace
-added: ArrayHelper class
-added: Shortcuts class
-added: SWCFile class
-added: zip package (from nochump) in thirdparty package
-added: utils example for ShortcutManager
-changed: ActionScript from examples are now in .as files
Release Candidate 2 (2009/8/24)
-removed: individual ease classes
-changed: KeyframeContainer.toLabeledArray() now has sort param
-changed: defaults for MotionControllers
-changed: controller constructors only require target now
-fixed: KeyframeContainer.isFlat() skipping first Keyframe
-fixed: delayed tween weakrefs (thanks Maxfo12) (
-added: basic BitmapRenderer
-changed: moved life settings to BasicEmitter and BasicParticle
-changed: defaults for ParticleTweenControllers
-changed: SweepPool - new Array() -> [] (performance+)
-fixed: emitter.fromXML() returns *
-fixed: XML not parsing PhysicsParticleController flip and useAngle params
Debugging: none
Utils: none
Release Candidate 1 (2009/7/29):
[Mostly, but not 100% compatible with Beta 3]
[Individual ease classes will be removed next revision, start using ease strings]
-tween and physics performance is now 5x faster! 2000 tweens: 11fps -> 53fps
-added: toXML() and fromXML() methods to most classes
-added: new Sequence, ClassSequence, SequenceGroup, and DelayableFunc classes
-added: Sequence.manualAdvance/SequenceGroup.manualServe - this prevents the sequence from automatically advancing
-added: MotionEvent that all inherit
-added: eases.Easing class for passing eases as strings (now default)
-added: Bases package: BaseTicker, BaseBasic, BasePrimitive classes
-changed: eases should now be entered as Strings - Bounce.easeOut -> 'easeOutBounce'
eases can also be entered as functions, but will not work with XML and is not recommended anymore
-changed: tween/physics constructors only require a target
-changed: PrimitiveTweens no longer dispatch events (updateFunc and endFunc) for performance
-changed: TweenEvent.UPDATED only gets dispatched if "update:true" is passed to the tween's config
-changed: MultiController duration/properties constructor order switched
-changed: motion.sequencers package is now motion.sequences
-changed: Sequences with Objects have been re-factored into ClassSequence class
-changed: BasicPhysics refactored to use new Bases package
-changed: start() returns the object started instead of void/boolean
-removed: sequence.empty() - use sequence.splice(0)
-removed: clone() since you can use XML to duplicate now
-fixed: BasicMultiTween updated properties directly, effecting the tweenconfig
-added: toXML() and fromXML() methods to most classes
-added: emitter.enableEvents:Boolean to enable/disable particle events
-changed: emtiters no longer broadcast particle events by default
-changed: life is now: life and lifeSpread
-changed: angle is now: angle and angleSpread
-changed: eps is now a Number (not int), and allows for 1 emission greater than 1 second
-fixed: particle physics objects were not being stopped on death
Debugging: none
-added: XMLHelper class
Beta 3 (2009/7/23):
[Motion package not fully backwards compatible]
-200% speed boost! Renders 2x as many tweens without performance hit
-removed individual PrimitiveTween update sprite listeners - now uses a BasicTween loop update
-added render() methods for PrimitiveTweens
-PrimitiveTweens now do not run an update event automatically - you can use your own loop/timer/event to run render()
-added BasicTween.ptid for the
-Physics and Tween classes now separate 'target' from the tween config for constructor:
new Tween(target, {property:'x', value:50, duration:2});
new BasicPhysics(target, {property:'y', velocity:2});
-updated controllers and sequencers to reflect API changes
-Fix: KeyframeContainer.isFlat() 0 === '0' bug
-performance increase inherited from Motion Package
-added SweepPool to remove particles at a set interval (performance effect unknown)
-Fix: addColorTween always using 'color'
-Updated debug codes
Debugging: none
Utils: none
Beta 2 (2009/7/03):
[not backwards compatible at all]
-rewrote controllers
-major syntax change
-ValueController now MotionController
-PointsContainer now KeyframeContainer
-Points are now Keyframes
-PhysicsValueController now PhysicsMultiController
-uses Keyframes instead of points (same concept, just more intuitive)
-BasicPhysics now takes object like Tweens (unifying syntax)
-Changed PhysicsEvent 'stopped' to 'ended'
-added 'property' to BasicColorTween/ColorTween to allow for non-DisplayObject color tweening
-added debug codes for BasicPhysics
-lots of little tweaks
-rewrote controllers
-major syntax change reflecting new Motion Package changes
-better integration with new Motion classes
-lots of little tweaks
-changed the replace character to % (instead of $)
Utils: none
Beta 1 (2009/6/22): initial release