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This repository is the results of a miniproject I undertook in order to better understand Colorado's population trends. I also took the opportunity to better understand how to use plotly.


The population data has been provided by Colorado's state government and can be downloaded from here. The website that provides the geojson files with county geolocation data is CivicDashboards, and the specific colorado county geolocation dataset can be downloaded from here.

Colorado's Total Population

population gif

Colorado's Changing Population density

density gif

Denver County Population

denver popuation

denver gender

denver age

Are People moving here for pot?

I also wanted to see if there was any noticeable trends in the population from the legalization of recreational marijuana. If this is the case I would expect to see a significant increase in the population growth after 2014. Therefore I looked at the population specifically in the years 2006-2020

colorado pop

I also wanted to look at Denver and the surrounding counties to see if I could see anything there.

denver area pop

From these two plots there doesn't seem to be much evidance that recreational marijuana is driving a significant increase in the population. Although it's important to note that 2016-2020 are projected population, so the trend may just not have been picked up yet or accounted for in the projections.


A small project analyzing the population change in starting in 1990 and projecting to 2040



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