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Contributing Guidelines

Code of Conduct

In order to participate your behavior must conform to our code of conduct.

Submitting Changes

Please send a GitHub Pull Request with a clear list of what you've done (read more about pull requests). We can always use more test coverage. Please follow our coding conventions (below) and make sure all of your commits are atomic (one feature per commit). Please use our pull request template when submitting pull requests.

Always write a clear log message for your commits. One-line messages are fine for small changes, but bigger changes should look like this:

$ git commit -m "A brief summary of the commit
> A paragraph describing what changed and its impact."

Coding Conventions

We follow the PSR-1 & PSR-2 standards and will require your changes to as well. PSR-1 & PSR-2 intentionally avoid any recommendation regarding the use of $StudlyCaps, $camelCase, or $under_score so please be consistent with what already exists.