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Upload attachments straight to a CouchDB database from PhoneGap
Objective-C JavaScript
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Progress callback


Enables a Cordova app to push binary attachments straight to a CouchDB database


  1. Put the .h and .m files of the plugin in your Xcode project
  2. Put the .js file to your www folder
  3. Load the .js file in your HTML file, right after loading cordova
  4. In file Cordova.plist, add an entry to array "plugins" key: CouchDBAttachmentUploader value: (String) CouchDBAttachmentUploader


    function(info) { 
        //success callback
    function(error) {
        //failure callback
        contentType: 'image/jpeg',
        method: 'put',
        attachmentName: 'photo.jpg',
        progress: function(bytesUploaded, bytesTotal){}
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