A CSS class to make your emoticons more fun!
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#CSSmileys A super simple CSS class for making your smileys more fun.

cssmileys.css is a stylesheet that includes a single class, .smiley, that will make common emoticons more colorful. You can see an example at: http://cssmileys.andrewgomez.info.

The class works decently well at common sizes on modern browsers for: :), :(, :|, :P, ;), ;P, and :'(.

Feel free to suggest improvements! This was mostly a project to help me learn about the new CSS3 psuedo-elements.

##Usage To use cssmileys.css in your website, simply include the stylesheet in your webpage's <head>, add the following class to your emoticons.

For example, instead of the following text:

Hello :). How are you?

Include the following:

Hello <span class="smiley">:)</span>. How are you?

There are no images whatsoever, so the emoticon should look great at (almost) any size!

##License CSSmileys.css is licensed under the ☺ license.