😭🔮TensorFlow-based cry detection
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File structure

app/       - TF training scripts
crying/    - raw crying sample WAVs from source device
silence/   - raw silence sample WAVs from source device
  crying/  - normalized WAVs for crying label
  silence/  - normalized WAVs for silence label
  room_empty/  - normalized WAVs for room_empty label

Getting data

Record on rpi with arecord, rsync it to raw/ directory here.


Find the valid recordings and use sox to batch up

Cleaning up data

The process-raw-labeled-wav.sh script will:

  1. Take raw samples in crying/ and silence/ folders
  2. Batch them up and splice them evenly into 5-second segments
  3. Amplify 45dB, downsample to 22050
  4. Store in data/<LABEL> directory.


Trying to run the training app directly pointed at this app.


InvalidArgumentError (see above for traceback): Data too short when trying to read value
         [[Node: DecodeWav = DecodeWav[desired_channels=1, desired_samples=192000, _device="/job:localhost/replica:0/task:0/device:CPU:0"](ReadFile)]]

Seems like the WAV file partitions might be too short? Need exactly SAMPLE_RATE*DURATION_MS samples in WAV files!


python app/train.py --data_url= --data_dir=/Users/andrewhao/workspace/babblefish/data --wanted_words=silence,crying --sample_rate=48000 --clip_duration_ms=5000 --start_checkpoint=/tmp/speech_commands_train/conv.ckpt-1300 --how_many_training_steps=1400,300


python app/freeze.py --start_checkpoint=/tmp/speech_commands_train/conv.ckpt-1700 --output_file=./graph.pb --clip_duration_ms=5000 --sample_rate=48000 --how_many_training_steps=1400,300 --wanted_words=silence,crying --data_dir=/Users/andrewhao/workspace/babblefish/data


python app/label_wav.py --graph=./graph.pb --labels=./conv_labels.txt --wav=data/crying/crying00021.wav