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PostgreSQL schemas and loading scripts for ABS data releases

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This project exists to provide a means for loading Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data into a PostgreSQL database.

In many cases the ABS only publish Microsoft Excel spreadsheets summarising statistics they have collected in a report style. While this caters for a large component of users, it leaves other users who would like the data delivered in the form of machine readable statistics ( either for use in a database directly or for building other applications on top of) out in the dark. This project is designed to help out these users of the data.

The technical implementation of such a project involves firstly obtaining the statistics from the ABS, defining the structure of that data in the database, and finally writing programs to actually transform and load the data. I suppose this is an extract, transform and load operation.

Design Principles

Currently this project has some fixed constraints limiting the scope of the project and some guiding principles to adhere to.

  • Code written mostly in shell (bash flavoured) and Perl.
  • Targeting the PostgreSQL database.
  • Code covers the whole process as much as possible, i.e. the user should be able to simply run make and all the data will be downloaded from the ABS (or a mirror), transformed and loaded with minimal intervention.
  • Eventually target schemas will be released as stable versions to allow third parties to rely on the schema.
  • Terminology should be kept consistent with the source statistics.
  • Use a normalised database model.


In cases where ABS data is linked to the ASGS (Australian Statistical Geography Standard) such fields reference the ASGS via the asgs schema as created by asgs2pgsql.

Development Status

Currently everything should be considered under active development and unstable. Please don't let that stop you from either using or helping out though.

Please fork and send a pull request (or email your patch if you prefer) any contributions you would like to make. This isn't a one person project.

Comments and Feedback

Please use the bug tracker for any bugs, feature requests or questions. Or if you would prefer, you can email the maintainer.

ABS Product Releases

This project is actually a meta-project. It contains code for the following ABS releases,

  • 8731.0 - Building Approvals, Australia, March 2012
  • 2011-census - Census of Population and Housing, 2011 (cat no. 2001.0, 2002.0, 2003.0, 2069.0.30.008)


PostgreSQL Environment Variables

All scripts expect you have set up PG* environment variables. These are used to control which PostgreSQL database, hostname, port, username, etc. is used to load the data into. Refer to the PostgreSQL documentation for help.

For example in your terminal window before running the scripts first run,

export PGDATABASE=abs

PostgreSQL Performance Tweaks

There are several ways you can speed up this initial load (assuming you want to "build from source" rather than using a pre-made dump as the pre-made dump will always be faster). These suggestions are based on the fact that you are loading existing data and you don't need durability. That is, if the server crashes part way though the load you are happy to just start the load from the start again.

I would recommend you follow the advice for non-durable settings at least for the time you are actually loading the data.


The licensing of this repository is slightly more complicated than usual. For this reason I use a DEP-5 style copyright file called copyright.

The short version is the contents of this repository are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 license, except for some select files which contain almost verbatim copied data from copyrighted works. Again refer to the copyright file for details.

Although not required, I would prefer you give Attribution to the project if you distribute it and release derived works or modifications under the same CC0 license.

To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0
with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring
rights to this work.

Running the scripts

Refer to the README within each of the separate loaders within this repository for specific help and instructions for that product.


PostgreSQL schemas and loading scripts for ABS data releases







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