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Mad Chatter
Version 0.3.4
- Fixed a bug that broke the ability to create a new project.
Version 0.3.1
- Fixed UI issues that caused the entire app to not work in 0.3.0 release.
Version 0.3.0
- Major changes to underlying code.
- New features include:
- new look and feel using Twitter bootstrap
- ability to create channels (more than one chat room)
- Markdown processing has been re-written to only allow a limited set of parsing
- This update also included a bug which caused the entire app to not work, so you should use the 0.3.1 and newer releases.
Version 0.2.5
- Adjusted daemonization process
Version 0.2.4
- Minor update (forgot I changed some filename)
Version 0.2.3
- Finally got extensions working by refactoring a bunch of stuff
Version 0.2.2
- Added daemonization so you can start, stop, restart Mad Chatter
Version 0.2.1
- Realized the simple extensions aren't actually working. This is why we need tests. :(
- Also, fixed some styles that weren't being applied.
Version 0.2.0
- Added a '/clear' command to client-side javascript to be able to clear all chat messages
- Fixed HTML injection vulnerability by adding markdown parsing and escaping all incoming html
- Created a MacRuby application as a GUI wrapper (still need to add a link to the github repo)
- Disabled extensions directory for now since example is no longer working.
- Finally added /youtube example mentioned in the readme
Version 0.1.1-3
- Added a 'preview' command to CLI to run both a web server and web socket server
- Fixed bug where user leaving chatroom didn't notify other users
Version 0.1.0
- Refactored extension architecture. Much nicer syntax now.
- Moved some of the main configuration to a config.yml file (which is generated when you use the 'new' command)
- Created skeleton classes for alternative web socket server implementations and moved the default implementation into its own class
- Switched to using Bundler (instead of Jeweler) for gem deployments, thanks to this article:
Versions < 0.1.0
- Some of the features were implemented, but there were many holes that needed to be filled
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