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Global Pandoc configuration files

After years of trying to perfect the conversion of academic Markdown files to Word (for people who swear by it), I think I've stumbled on the holy grail, thanks to Duke's Kieran Healy. This repository is a non-forked fork of this, but with the added ability to convert Markdown files into perfeclty styled Word documents, in addition to TeX, HTML, and PDF.

Pandoc allows you to create custom output templates for most file formats, but unfortunately not for .docx files. Following Kieran's lead, this repository includes odt.template and reference.odt, which places and styles custom metadata (like author information) into an .odt file. This can then be converted to .docx, either manually (by opening LibreOffice) or with the command line:

/Applications/ --invisible --convert-to docx filename.odt

HOLY GRAIL! Markdown to Word, HTML, and PDF with one command. Beautiful.

To do

  • Space after lists in Word
  • Table styles in Word
  • Line wrapping in memo header


  • No captions at all in Word (because Pandoc > ODT doesn't support them)
  • No caption numbers in HTML

Binary things

Download the latest compiled pandoc-crossref binary and put it in ./bin.


Stuff that goes in ~/.pandoc






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