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.PHONY : all clean serve build deploy thumb_slides zip_projects
all: thumb_slides zip_projects build
# Automatic thumbnails ----------------------------------------------------
TO_THUMB = $(wildcard static/slides/*.pdf)
THUMB_TARGETS = $(addsuffix .png,$(basename $(TO_THUMB)))
%.png: %.pdf
convert -thumbnail 1000 -background white -units PixelsPerInch -density 144 $<[0] $@
thumb_slides: $(THUMB_TARGETS)
# Automatic project zipping -----------------------------------------------
# Project filenames to work with
TO_ZIP_DIRS = $(filter %/, $(wildcard static/projects/*/)) # Find all directories in static/projects
TO_ZIP_NAMES = $(patsubst %/,%,$(TO_ZIP_DIRS)) # Remove trailing /
ZIP_TARGETS = $(addsuffix .zip,$(TO_ZIP_NAMES)) # Add .zip
# MAGIC! This expands $$() commands before deciding on any rules
# Recipe for converting the things in ZIP_TARGETS into actual zipped files
# The $$(shell find % -type f) uses SECONDEXPANSION so that the target depends
# on all the files in the folder being used as the main dependency for the target,
# so any changes to any files in that folder get tracked
# The $(shell find path/to/source/folder -type f) incantation checks to see if
# any files in the folder have been modified
# See:
# `cd` goes to the target folder and moves back a level
# 'zip`: FS syncs the files in and out of the zip; r includes all
# subdirectories; z excludes stuff
$(ZIP_TARGETS): : $$(shell find % -type f ! -path "%/.*")
cd $(basename $@)/.. && zip -FSr $(notdir $@) $(notdir $(basename $@)) -x $(notdir $(basename $@))/.\*
zip_projects: $(ZIP_TARGETS)
# Site building -----------------------------------------------------------
rm -rf public/
build: thumb_slides zip_projects
Rscript -e "blogdown::build_site()"
serve: build
Rscript -e "blogdown::serve_site(port=4321)"
deploy: build
rsync -Prvzc --exclude='.DS_Store' --delete $(OUTPUTDIR)/ $(SSH_TARGET)
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