jQuery plugin to make any DOM element(s) remain in view while scrolling the page.
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jQuery plugin to keep select DOM element(s) in view while scrolling the page. Features stop points and z-indexing. Works when being applied to a class of multiple elements simultanesouly.

Using jSticky



Top spacing, z-index, and stopper.

    topSpacing: 80, // Space between element and top of the viewport
    zIndex: 100, // z-index
    stopper: "#bar" // Id, class, or number value
    stickyClass: false // Class applied to element when it's stuck

Note: If no stopper id or class is provided, the default is 'sticky-stopper'. You can also use number values for pixel points on the y-axis.

Tip: Use the zIndex option if you need to stack various sticky elements while scrolling the page.