@andrewhooker andrewhooker released this May 27, 2014 · 445 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Updated package author list
  • New functionality to compute the ED OFV using the Laplace approximation.
    This can be orders of magnitude faster than the standard MC integration approach.
    See ?ed_laplace_ofv and ?evaluate.e.ofv.fim
  • Added a general function to compute the FIM and OFV(FIM) for all avaialbale methods in PopED.
    See ?calc_ofv_and_fim.
  • Added a general optimization algorithm RS_opt_gen() that works for both D-family and
    E-family optimization.
  • Added optimization of E-family designs to poped_optimize().
  • Changed distribution tests for package building
  • Fixed bug where correlations between BSV (between subject variability) terms in the model gave an error when creating a PopED database
  • Fixed a bug where get_rse failed when a parameter had a value of 3.