@andrewhooker andrewhooker released this Nov 19, 2014 · 409 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Updated model_prediction() to allow for creation of NONMEM datasets. Useful for testing of optimized designs via PsN's (http://psn.sf.net) SSE tool, for example.
  • Two new functions create_design() and create_design_space() that allow for design and design space creation without the need for a model or parameter values.
  • Updated the create.poped.database() function to use create_design() and create_design_space()
  • Added examples for evaluation and optimization of a one-target quasi-steady-state target mediated drug disposition model (TMDD) to the system.file("examples", package="PopED") directory of the PopED installation.
  • Added a 2-compartment, oral absorption, multiple dose example to the system.file("examples",package="PopED") directory of the PopED installation.
  • Updated plot_efficiency_of_windows() to allow for the plotting of the RSE of each parameter on the y-axis.
  • Updated error handing for the Laplace approximation of the ED OFV.
  • Fixed bug when computing FIM with only one BSV term present in model (calculation gave
    an error).
  • Fixed a bug in plot_model_predictions where an error was returned if not all time values in the xt matrix were to be used for the design calculation (ni is different from size(xt,2), see ?create_poped_database).
  • Various small bug fixes.