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Facebook Friend Graph


The purpose of this package is to generate a GraphML file which can be used to make graphs like the ones created by following the directions outlined in a presentation by Sociomantic Labs titled Facebook Network Analysis.

This software produces a file comparable to the one the Netvizz Facebook app (referenced in the presentation) would provide. So if you follow the presentation directions starting with "1. Gephi: Open", replacing the .gdf file from Netvizz with the .graphml file this software generates, you will get a graph like the one in the presentation.


  1. Python 2.7:

    • The programming language this software is written in. Download it and run this software by executing python in a terminal. Or, if you are using Windows, double-click
  2. A web browser:

    • A web browser is required for Facebook authentication. Facebook authentication is necessary to access friend's list. No personal information is used or stored anywhere, only your friends list and the mutual friends you and your friend share is accessed and mapped in the GraphML file.

    • This software has been tested using Google Chrome.

  3. Gephi (optional)

    • Gephi is the program the presentation uses to create a graph from the GraphML file this software creates. Not required to run this software.


$ python

No command line arguments are available.


Andre Wiggins (