A simple script to reblog a number of tagged posts to a Tumblr blog.
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Tumblr Mass Reblog By Tag

A simple script to reblog a number of tagged posts to a Tumblr blog. Uses the tumblr_client Ruby gem to make the API calls. Currently used in production on donuts.tumblr.com and fuckyeahcorgs.tumblr.com.


  1. bundle install
  2. Move .env.sample to .env and add the appropriate values. You can get a Tumblr OAuth Token/Token Secret via the API Console.


$ ruby mass-reblog.rb --help
Usage: mass-reblog.rb [options]
    -t, --tag TAG                    The tag to draft.
    -b, --blog BLOG                  The URL of the blog to reblog posts to.
    -c, --count COUNT                The number of posts to reblog.
    -p, --post-type POST-TYPE        The posttype to use.
    -a, --add-tags TAG1,TAG2,...     A list of tags to add to a post (comma separated).
    -s, --status status              The status of the reblogged posts.
    -d, --dry-run                    Whether to actually reblog the posts or not (a dry run).
    -h, --help                       Show this help message

Note: you are required to define a tag, blog, and count.


To draft 50 "donuts" photo posts to the blog donuts.tumblr.com with a number of donut related tags, you would run:

ruby mass-reblog.rb -t donuts -b donuts.tumblr.com -c 50 -p photo -s draft -a "donut, donuts, doughnut, doughnuts, food porn, munchies, drunk food, yummy, foodgasm, food, delicious"


This repository is licensed under the MIT license.


This project is my own personal project and not affiliated with Tumblr.


Want to contribute? Great! Here's what you do:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Push some code to your fork
  3. Come back to this repository and open a PR
  4. After some review, get that PR merged to master
  5. Give yourself a pat on the back; you're awesome!

Feel free to also open an issue with any requests!