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PostgreSQL (psql) commands in one page for the SQL REPL
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PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet

PostgreSQL (psql) commands in one page for the SQL REPL from


Name Description
psql Connect to the database.
psql -d <db> -U <user> Connect to localhost db as user name.
psql create database <db> Create database with db name.
create user <pg_user> with password '<password>'; Create a user pg_user with password.
create database <db> owner <user>; Create a database with name db which belongs to user.
create extension if not exists "uuid-ossp"; Create useful extension with functions like uuid_generate_v4. full doc
create extension if not exists "hstore"; Create useful extension hstore.
revoke all on database <db> from public;
grant connect on database <db> to <user>;
grant all on database <db> to <user>;

General Purpose

Name Description
\q Quit from psql.
\? All commands of psql.
\l+ Lists all the databases with size.
\c db_name Connect to database db_name.
\dn List all schemas.
\dt schema_name.* List all tables in schema_name.
\d table_name List columns on table.
\df List functions
\dv List views.
\x auto Super pretty query output for long rows.
\t Turn off/on output header and row count.
\h Help menu.
\e Open an editor defined by your EDITOR environment variable, and put the most recent command entered in psql into the buffer. If it's vim editor use shift + : and tap q to quite or wq to resolve query. More vim commands.
\ef [function] Open an editor, and put the function into the buffer. Without a function, it provides a convenient template for creating a new function.
\s Print out your psql history to STDOUT.
\timing Show timing for query execution.

Hope you would be cool and efficient with this little cheat sheet.

Help me to fill out the rest useful commands which you think might be helpful to use on daily basis.

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