Records and builds heatmaps of destinations of overflying aircraft.
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What does this do?

Where Are They Flying To (WATFT) outputs information about the destination and altitude of aircraft flying over your house. It can be used to build heatmaps of destinations or even an Alexa skill. If you've ever looked up at a plane and thought, "I wonder where they're flying to?" then WATFT is for you.

How does it work?

WATFT reads data from a TCP stream in SBS format (eg from a machine running dump1090), processes it and writes it to a database file. WATFT can read this database and produce a heatmap showing the destinations of the aircraft it has plotted. @todo add flightaware

Architecture Diagram

How to run it

What you'll need @todo - pc/pi, adsb, flightaware If you want to run WATFT on linux on either an x64 (eg Intel/AMD) or arm (eg Raspberry Pi) then all you need to do is download the relevant binary file from the Latest Release.

to build alexa skill

to build heatmap

Set the value of the environment variable WATFT_SERVER to the address and port of the machine that is dumping out the SBS data, eg export WATFT_SERVER=

About the code