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Stylesheets for Framer

Stylesheets for Framer is a module provides a method for defining and using repeatable layer styles.


Download and add it to your /modules folder. Include the module in your Framer project:

Style = require 'stylesheet'

Then, you'll need to create a style object. If you know CSS, you can think of the style object as your stylesheet. "Classes" are the first level of the object and are used to apply styles to layers. Classes contain style properties.

So, in this example, let's say you have a "card" style that you want to apply in multiple places. In this example, think of card as the class name in CSS:

styles =
    backgroundColor: 'white'
    borderRadius: 5
    borderColor: 'CCC'
    borderWidth: 1

Then, you'll apply the card style to your layers:

profileCard = new Layer Style styles.card,
  width: 1000
  height: 300

infoCard = new Layer Style styles.card,
  size: 400

You can even apply more than one style per layer:

profileCard = new Layer Style styles.card, styles.profile,
  width: 1000
  height: 300

Any layer style defined on the layer will be applied instead of the style in the style object:

styles =
    backgroundColor: 'red'

layerA = new Layer Style styles.layer
# layerA will be red

layerB = new Layer Style styles.layer,
  backgroundColor: 'blue'
# layerB will be blue

Why do this?

The module is really simple, hardly anything at all (just one function and a couple lines, relying heavily on lodash assign). So what's the point. I just got really annoyed constantly applying styles to TextLayers:

text = new TextLayer
  fontFamily: '-apple-system',
  fontSize: 14

So I started to store text styles in an objet:

textStyles =
  fontFamily: '-apple-system'
  fontSize: 14

text = new TextLayer _.assign {}, textStyles,
  text: 'Heck ya!'

Helpful, but sick of typing that Lodash function over and over and over...


For questions or comments, please open an issue or email me. For bugs and feature requests, please open an issue.


Provides a method for defining and using repeatable styles in FramerJS layers!



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