Helping you automate your desktop experience. Powered by Python.
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Office Scripts

Helping you automate your desktop experience. An opensource experiment powered by Python.

Office Scripts is a place to conglomerate all those scripts you have automating your work and/or desktop life. To start this off, we have several scripts that my colleague and I have worked on that we use, and we're waiting for you on the community page to request or contribute your own!

This repository is a dump for all the scripts connected to the Office Scripts project, however, each script is stored in its own repository with its corresponding documentation. Follow the Script List below to see what we`ve been working on.

Get Started

To explore our existing collection of scripts that may come in handy, check out Script List section right below. To fork the entire collection of scripts, clone this repo, or hit any of the download links at the top of this page.

$ git clone

Contributing To contribute, simply email one of the admin to request access to the git.

You'll find a lot of scripts around here with very specific use-cases, and while this is supported, we strongly recommend to make your scripts work for as general a range of input as is reasonable.

To keep it simple, and because Python is a new-programmer favourite, Office Scripts will only support Python scripts for the time being.

Need Help? The Office Scripts subreddit will be our hub, so find us over there, and we can discuss implementation.

We strongly encourage you to attempt to code a solution to your problem, and then contribute it to the home repository before seeking out the community for help on your script.

Script List

Sort a high volume collection of text files into a single text file in ascending (numerically) order.

Create a living Playlist.txt filled with youtube links, once hooked up with a task scheduler, this script will download the youtube videos to your computer.

A quick and dirty way to clean and sort out the movies, videos, documents and pictures in those cluttered directories.

Outputs the top n frequently used words in any document.

Niche regex based script that strips raw Canadian census data of its population information.

Authors and Top Contributors


  • Andrew Louis (@alouis93)
  • Shayekh Arjan Amit (@shayekharjan)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with any of the scripts? Check out the Office Scripts subreddit or contact Andrew Louis or Shayekh Arjan Amit and we'd be glad to help you sort it out.