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@@ -3,7 +3,17 @@ mr-hiccup
Mr. Hiccup is a DOM constructor add-on for underscore.js inspired by Hiccup for Clojure <>, there is also another javascript Hiccup project <>
-In the browser you can load the js file after underscore.js to add the following functions
+This is an add-on for for underscore. So in the browser you'll need to load that first
+npm module:
+ npm install grab
+when you require the npm module it will augment root._ if it exists or add it if it doesn't
+ require("mr-hiccup");
+Adds the following methods to _
_.dom - the main utility for creating DOM nodes and HTML strings
@@ -22,13 +32,6 @@ _.doc
-In node you can require the npm module
-var mrHiccup = require("mr-hiccup");
define a tag with css style selectors

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