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ARG BASE_CONTAINER=jupyter/scipy-notebook
LABEL maintainer=""
LABEL version="01"
# install specific package versions i want to use here
RUN conda install --quiet --yes \
pandas \
matplotlib \
boto3 && \
conda remove --quiet --yes --force qt pyqt && \
conda clean -tipsy && \
fix-permissions $CONDA_DIR && \
fix-permissions /home/$NB_USER
# install conda build
RUN conda install --quiet --yes conda-build
# copy over local files for my package
ADD packages/ /home/$NB_USER/packages/
# add my_utils package to conda
RUN conda develop /home/$NB_USER/packages/my_utils
# some additional conda installs
RUN conda install -y awscli
# run as root user
USER root
# run jupyter lab
ENTRYPOINT ["jupyter", "lab","--ip=","--allow-root"]
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