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from multiprocessing import Pool
from functools import partial
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
def parallelize_dataframe_zip(df, func, n_pool=4, col_subsets=None, join_how='outer',kwargs_list=None):
Function to take a df, a function with args, and a list of column subsets to apply function to.
Resulting list of df's are then joined back together based on the df index.
# create empty list of df's
df_list = []
# if col subsets not defined then just use all cols
if col_subsets == None:
col_subsets = [[col for col in df.columns]]
# loop over each subset of cols, make a subset df, and append it to df_list
for col_subset in col_subsets:
# define pool params
pool = Pool(n_pool)
# apply func via map to each of the df's in df_list, zip up the kwargs for the function call as well
map_return_list =, zip(df_list,kwargs_list))
# join back all the resulting df's into one df based on joining back together based on index
for i in range(len(map_return_list)):
if i == 0:
df_out = map_return_list[i]
df_out = df_out.merge(map_return_list[i],join_how,left_index=True,right_index=True)
# multiprocessing clean up
return df_out
def do_work_zip(zipped):
''' Function (which we want to parallelize across different cols of the df)
to do some operations on a df.
df = zipped[0]
kwarg_dict = zipped[1]
# pass any args in as a dict to be parsed out as needed (not used in this example)
if kwarg_dict:
# for every col in the subseted df we want to do some operations specific to each subset df
for col in df._get_numeric_data().columns:
df[f'{col}_output'] = df[col]*kwarg_dict['multiply_by']
return df
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