Just a simple browser-based IF-MAP client built on ifmap.js
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jsmap is a super-simple (and kind of manual) IF-MAP client implementation that runs in the browser. You can point and click to build requests and see a log of server responses. It's based on ifmap.js so IF-MAP subscriptions are not yet supported. A basic Sinatra application is used to proxy requests.

For a description of IF-MAP see the specification and other documentation at ifmapdev.com/documentation.


  • Ruby 1.8 or greater
  • Rubygems
  • Sinatra gem
  • Haml gem
  • Yajl-ruby gem

Get Started

If you already have all that, then clone this repo and...

$ cd jsmap
$ ruby jsmap.rb

Point your browser to localhost:4567. Put in a MAP server url and hit 'start'. Then build requests and hit 'submit' to send them. Server responses are logged in the 'message log' pane.

Known Issues (upstream from ifmap.js)

  • Pulling out session-id and publisher-id elements from a newSession response won't work unless the elements are namespaced with the 'ifmap' prefix.
  • IfmapMetadata needs work to support all standard IF-MAP metadata types.
  • Support for custom metadata isn't included.
  • Support for subscriptions is nonexistent. Maybe soon...