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A ruby library for interacting with the Twilio REST API
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I am no longer actively developing this branch of twilio-ruby. Twilio adopted this project as its official Ruby API Library in July 2011 so all development work is taking place within the twilio repository located here:


Luckily the gem name is the same, so existing users shouldn't have noticed.

Most of the below documentation is still valid so I'll leave it around. You should really look at the README and documentation at the above url instead though.

Get Started

To install:


$ gem install twilio-ruby

Some Code To Get You Started

Setup Work

require 'rubygems'
require 'twilio-ruby'

# put your own credentials here
@account_sid = 'AC043dcf9844e04758bc3a36a84c29761'
@auth_token = '62ea81de3a5b414154eb263595357c69'

# set up a client to talk to the Twilio REST API
@client =, @auth_token)

Send an SMS

# send an sms
  :from => '+14159341234',
  :to => '+16105557069',
  :body => 'Hey there!'

Do Some Stuff With Calls

# make a new outgoing call
@call = @client.account.calls.create(
  :from => '+14159341234',
  :to => '+18004567890',
  :url => ''

# hangup a ringing call, but don't touch it if it's connected

# if you have the call sid, you can fetch a call object via:
@call = @client.account.calls.get('CA386025c9bf5d6052a1d1ea42b4d16662')

# redirect an in-progress call

# hangup a call, no matter whether it is ringing or connected

Buy a Phone Number

# print some available numbers
@numbers = @client.account.available_phone_numbers.get('US').local.list(
  :contains => 'AWESOME'
@numbers.each {|num| puts num.phone_number}

# buy the first one
@number = @numbers[0].phone_number
@client.account.incoming_phone_numbers.create(:phone_number => @number)

More Information

See more detailed examples in examples.rb wthin twilio/twilio-ruby.

Full API documentation, as well as an upgrade guide for users of the old twiliolib gem, is available in the twilio-ruby github wiki.

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