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A simple blog engine skeleton app I made to teach some colleagues Rails
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This is a simple blog engine I created to teach some colleagues the basics of Rails.

These are some of the commands I used to create and scaffold the app:

Create the blog project and use MySQL as the database engine

rails -d mysql blog

Change into your newly created blog project directory:

cd blog

Generate a scaffold for posts, which will need a title, content and a publish flag:

script/generate scaffold Post title:string content:text publish:boolean

Create your database:

rake db:create

Run the migration that was created by the scaffold. This will create the posts table:

rake db:migrate

Start the server:

ruby script/server

Delete the default index.html page:

rm public/index.html

We decided the posts table needed an intro field. Generate a migration to create this:

script/generate migration add_intro_to_posts intro:text

Run the migration you just created. This will alter the table in the database and add the column:

rake db:migrate

We decided we wanted each post to have a number of comments, so we scaffolded this:

script/generate scaffold comment comment:text commenter:string post_id:integer

Again the database needs to be migrated to run the migration generated above:

rake db:migrate

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