For continuous integration notifications - plays a random YouTube video based on keywords for pass and fail.
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Civid - Continuous Integration Video Notifier

Civid is a simple sinatra application, which listens for two routes: /pass and /fail. When a request is made to one of these, a YouTube search is made with a specified set of keywords, then a random video is selected, and played in the browser using Launchy. You can configure the keywords for pass and fail by modifying the constants PASS_KEYWORDS and FAIL_KEYWORDS in civid.rb.

At Tribesports, we have hooked our continuous integration server (jenkins) to hit /pass when the build is successful, and /fail when the build fails. The sinatra application runs on an old laptop that is hooked up to a digital projector. The keywords we use for pass are "great goal" and for fail "own goal". Watching the outcome of the video lets us know whether the build has succeeded.