A "showWhen" utility directive for the Ionic Framework.
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A set of utility directives for the Ionic Framework. showWhen and hideWhen act similar to the Ionic expose-aside-when attribute on the sidemenu that allows you to pass in a media query (or the word large which maps to a media query) that decides whether to show the side menu as a second column or behave as a side menu. This directive allows you to use that functionality on any element.

If the media query is true, the element will show. If it is not true, the element will be hidden.

Useful for tablet-only or phone-only content.

More Info: http://mcgivery.com/ionic-showwhen-directive/

A third directive is showWhenState which shows an element when the state name (or names) passed to and attribute match the current state.


First, import the script into your page.

<script src="lib/ionic.ion.showwhen.js"

Next, import the module into your app.

angular.module('myCoolApp', ['ionic','ionic.ion.showWhen'])

Finally, mark an element with the attribute and a value.

<div show-when="large">test</div>
<div hide-when="large">test</div>
<div show-when-state="tabs.home">test</div>
<div show-when-state="tabs.about || tabs.facts">test</div>

Note: "large" maps to "(min-width:768px)"

Note: for show-when-state a || indicates OR logic.

##Questions Feel free to ask any questions on twitter @andrewmcgivery