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Super fast and production hardened: Nginx, HHVM, Composer, PHPUnit - Docker container.
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PLease use:


A super fast, production hardened HHVM / PHP-7 Dockerfile served by Nginx forward proxy. See link for the why. Perfect for horizontally distributed Laravel applications run within a Docker container cluster.

Note due to issues with Boot2Docker and VirtualBox response times on a local environment (with these tools) is slightly degraded with local volumes enabled.

Note Installs hirak/prestissimo composer parallel install plugin. If you have issues with composer installs remove this plugin.


  • HHVM (Facebooks PHP-7 runtime)
  • Nginx (FastCGI web-server)
  • Composer (PHP package manager)
  • PHPUnit (PHP unit testing)


Preferably used in a horizontally scaled Docker container environment (such as docker-compose) run alongside other services such as Redis and MariaDB.

CD into your cloned repository

cd nginx-hhvm-docker

Firstly lets scale the web servers, from your project execute:

docker-compose scale web=3

Now we boot the rest of the services by executing:

docker-compose up

Voila! simply visit and you have a fully load-balanced, horizintally scaled application inferstructure!

NOTE: Make sure you add to your hosts file if developing locally with the IP address of the docker-machine instance.


We reccomend you create your own Dockerfile build, based upon this image.

Image is based upon the official nginx docker repository, see git repo for more information.

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