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A bit about how this site was made.


I am using IBM Plex Sans on this site, a nice variable font, that I am self hosting. For markdown pages, I am using the Tailwind CSS typography plugin with a few modifications.


Bridgetown does most of the heavy lifting on this site - it's a Ruby based static site generator that I have fallen in love with.

I am using Tailwind CSS and ViewComponent to build and design the UI. All posts are written in Kramdown flavored markdown with ViewComponent's sprinkled in. I store all of the images in Cloudinary and get my icons from Nucleo.

Under the hood, esbuild is handling asset bundling. I use almost no JavaScript on this site, but I have sprinkled Alpine.js here and there for small interactions.


This site is open source on GitHub and that is how I deploy. The site is hosted on Vercel and all pushes to the main branch trigger a deploy. I also use Cloudflare for DNS and domain management.


I am using Plausible Analytics, which is a GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant site analytics tool. I chose a privacy focused tool because I just want to know what pages are popular, not get a breakdown of the users. This is a personal site afterall.

For the curious: you can find my public analytics dashboard on the analytics page.

Third-party Service Providers

The only third-party service provider that will process and store any entered data is the newsletter form, which is backed by Revue. Read their terms of service and privacy policy.

How to make a request about your data

You can contact me to ask me what data I hold about you, which is probably an email address and name at most, who has access to it and how it is being used. I will delete any data about you that I hold if you ask me to.