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Academic Qualifications

University of Huddersfield, UK

  • BSc Software Development & Multimedia (1st Class), 2008

Technical Summary

Languages / Frameworks

Bash, C, C#, CSS, Clojure, ClojureScript, HAML, HTML, Java, Javascript, Python, SASS, SQL, SVG, Tex, jQuery

Operating Systems, Software & Technologies

Apache, Eclipse, Emacs, Flash, Git, IIS, Illustrator, Jenkins, Leiningen, Lighttpd, Linux, MS Exchange, Maven, MongoDB, MySQL, Netbeans, Nginx, OS X, OpenStack, Pallet, Photoshop, PostgreSQL, Puppet, Riemann, SQL Server, SQLite, VMWare, Vim, Visual Studio, Windows (NT/2000/XP/Server/7)


Software Developer

Interel Group, Brussels [2008 - Present]

Hired on an IT helpdesk/software development student placement, later offered a full-time position as a software developer. Now responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of all the group's software infrastructure, including the deployment and automation of key Linux-based services.


  • Financial reporting/forecasting/pipeline tool. [Clojure/ClojureScript/React (via OM)]
  • Bespoke app/deploy/automation of software services. [Pallet/Clojure]
  • Re-design/build of bespoke intranet solution. [Clojure/ClojureScript/LDAP]
  • Created/Deployed "Webinars" system using "BigBlueButton" & a custom scheduling webapp. [Java/Clojure]
  • Delivered a customised implementation of an "XWiki Farm". [Java/J2EE/Clojure]
  • Helpdesk email monitor: Monitors an Exchange mailbox for emails, adds an entry in the ticketing system. [Clojure/SOAP/Exchange Web Services API (Java)]
  • Helpdesk ticketing/inventory webapp. [C#/ASP.NET MVC/Javascript/jQuery/T-SQL]
  • Inventory tracking: Periodically scans the network for changes, integrated with the Intranet, and the ticketing system. [C#/WMI/T-SQL]
  • TAPI Monitor: Windows Service, monitoring a VOIP extention for incoming calls, looks up caller from called id, logs in ticketing system. [TAPI/C#/.NET/WCF]
  • Building reports on various existing databases. [C#/Crystal Reports/Clojure/Incanter]
  • Financial report building [Business Objects/Maconomy AnalytiX]


  • Automated build/deploy of core Linux-based services. [Linux/Pallet/Clojure]
  • Basic implementation of Riemann monitoring. [Clojure/Riemann]
  • Automated deploy of basic implementation of OpenStack [Pallet/Openstack]
  • Distributed configuration managment of various *NIX based servers. [Puppet/Pallet]
  • Implemented Continuous integration/build/deploy system. [Jenkins/Maven/Nexus/Pallet]
  • Various scripting/sysadmin tasks [Bash/Python/*NIX]

Sales Assistant

Gamestation, Huddersfield [2005 - 2006]

Duties/responsibilities: staff training, stock control, cashing up, banking, administration, and customer service.

Shift Manager

Allied Leisure, Huddersfield [2001 - 2004]

Duties/responsibilities: staff management, staff training, stock control, ordering, cashing up, banking, loss control, administration, and customer service.

Insurance Assistant

Fartown Insurance, Huddersfield [2000 - 2001]

Duties/responsibilities: customer quotations, renewals, developing and maintaining the company website, other general administration duties.

Computer Technician

Easy Computers, Huddersfield [1998 - 2000]

Duties/responsibilities: build, repair, update and install home computers, on-site network installation and maintenance.