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Welcome to Brunel: the full-scale, steam-powered, modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2! The world is set for a steampunk themed adventure with huge machines, huge logomotives, huge steamships, and dirigibles!

Dangerous creatures have been banished to dark caves and other dimensions, but we don't want things to get too easy, so we've included realistic seasons, healing and hunger:

However, the world itself is a wholesome place, filled with lusious trees, food, and materials to build with:

And, not least of all, for those who yearn for magic and mayhem, just construct a magic portal to find dungeons, daemons, liches, and giant monsters:

And this is just the short list! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the full list of mods available in this pack.

Server Rules

Brunel is a cooperative multi-player server where we all try to help one another, and leave room for everyone's individual creations. As such, we have some basic ground rules:

  • No uninvited player vs. player combat.
  • Do not disturb anything which appears to have been made by another player.
  • Do not build anything within sight of another player's constructions without talking it over with them first.
  • Make it easy for others to figure out that you made something.
  • Don't tear up the landscape without making something better out of it.

Technological Considerations

This modpack can be pretty taxing on your computer what with having a good number of mods, and some of them pretty demanding. You should make sure to give your client at least 4GB of RAM for things to work well, and you'll want to adjust your video settings if you don't have a pretty new video card.


This modpack would not exist but for the efforts of dozens of people over years of hard work. Please take a moment to silently acknowledge their efforts, or, even better go leave a comment on their project pages!

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