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A park-themed Reversi (Othello) game initially built within a 48-hour time frame.
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Reversi Hackathon Project

Team: Andrew Mirshafiee, Collin Stewart and Jacob Taylor

  • A classic park-themed Reversi (Othello) game initially developed within a 48-hour deadline.
  • HTML5, CSS3 and media queries to create the framework for desktop and mobile responsive design.
  • Used Javascript and jQuery to give the game functionality, as well as a Firebase backend to support online play.

Initial Requirements:

  • Must have at least 2 players.
  • Follow the Reversi game play rules (i.e. alternating players, bracketing a color with another flips that color.
  • Player-selected gameboard size at least 5x5.
  • Players must be displayed. The turn of the player must be displayed.
  • Win condition determined when all available playable spaces are taken.
  • Current winner must be displayed. (i.e. If black has more, black is shown as "Winning")
  • MUST use Trello for task management.
  • Mystery Requirement - Coming Thursday
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