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Why we build our UI library?

Show Me The Code Meetup #9 鈥 2019

Andrew Mok - Software Engineer, Frontend


  • Inconsistencies thoughout the products in Lalamove at beginning
  • Rebuild Web App
    • From jQuery project to React project
  • Opportunity to build our internal UI library

What is a Design system?

  • Collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards
  • Can be assembled together to build any applications

Why we need to build our own UI library?

  • Improve customer experience

    • Provide consistency and familiarity to the users
  • Allow cross-functional efficiency

    • Allow designers and engineers reuse elements already been created
    • More scalable, not thorugh hiring only
  • Reduce learning time, Increase maintainability

    • Engineers may have their own prefernces
    • No right / wrong, but:
    • Learning curve is higher if multiple products use different library
    • When new team members join, they need to learn another library usage
  • Update faster

    • Updates to the library components
    • Changes applied to all applications if they got new version

How we build that?

Two parts from Design team and Enginering team

  • Design (Sketch library / UI Kit)
  • Code (React UI library / Documentation)

Code (Tech stack)

  • React
  • Styled-components
  • Babel 7
  • Jest + Enzyme

Code Demo

  • Storybook
  • Styleguidist

Lessons Learned

  • Build something small first
    • It is all about process
  • Start with one company project
    • Long-term investment
    • Lack of resources to prioritize UI library for small startup
    • Not always align with business value
    • So it is hard to find one responsible product team
  • How to slove dependency issue
    • Communication
    • Build in your application first, move it to library later

Open source

Special Thanks (Alphabetical order)

  • Alfonso Rodriguez
  • Andrew Mok
  • Dennis Tse
  • Don Kim
  • Ignatius Baptista
  • Jake Choi
  • Jay Pun
  • Karan Grover
  • Samuel Kwok
  • Vincent Pun