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Add support for summons #14

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Summons are creatures that can be summoned through spells (frost giants, gnomes, elementals, etc.). These creatures will remain on the field permanently until either killed or banished. However, just like resistances, we should support the option of temporary summons as opposed to strictly permanent summons. For the most part, these summons may simply inherit from the Player class, as they effectively are a creature on the field with a set of hit-points and a weapon to attack. Creatures are able to attack every round, just after their masters select their targets and have charges for spell-like abilities as well as a basic melee/ranged attack that requires no charges. The monsters choose how to attack -- and will mix their approach between their spell-like abilities and their standard attack types.

This is effectively going to touch the entire code base...

Player -
Maintains list of active familiars available to the caster.

Game -
Added support for targeting after their master. Targeting a monster's random attack works just like targeting a spell cast in that round; but occurs every round the monster is on the field.


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