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.gitignore User Management System

Soooooo, this whole idea erupted when I realized that I love, but have no good way of managing user accounts. Granted, I've never made a user-management system before, so this probably isn't gold. However, it's also probably not the worst thing out there (of that I can guarantee).


- []( - A very lightweight hosting platform for Python. - [Python 2.6/2.7]( - The python programming language interpreter.

Questions you probably have...

What the hell can it do?

Not a whole lot. It gives a basic outline of how to add/delete/login/logout (of) user accounts. The demo is written for SQLite; but it's simply a matter of rewriting the table creation code to get it to function with any other SQL driven database system supported by the web.db module.

Do you feel dirty for doing this?

A little, yes.

How secure is this?

To be completely honest, I'm not really sure. The passwords are salted and are hashed using SHA256 (which sounds secure enough, imho). Though -- I'd probably investigate a bit further before deploying this and accepting credit-cards or something equally stupid. As one of the motivating factors for me was to add user-management to an in-house intranet, I make no guarantees of this products security.

Can I help "fix" this code? It makes me sad.

Please do! Just keep your code tidy and documented.