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Moodle Assister

Moodle Assister (mdl) is a convenience tool to aid moodle development. It allows use of different versions of JavaScript tools used in the different versions of Moodle.

Current Build Status

Build Status

What's it for?

Since Moodle 2.5, we've started to run out JavaScript code through a variety of tools to give such joys as correctly linted, and minified JavaScript, with reusable meta-data.

Given that these tools are used to build code which is then included in our repositories, we need to ensure that we can have repeatable builds across different branches. So if the build method changes between tool version A and version B and this leads to differences in the built code, we need to ensure that we continue building the same code for all versions of Moodle which were previously built using tool version A.

How do I use it?

Currently it only support shifter. I hope to have support for less/recess shortly, yuidoc, and jshint.

One of the feautres of mdl is that it will attempt to select the correct version of the relevant tools for each version of Moodle. It does so by reading the version.php file and attempting to work out which version to run with.

You can also force a specific version of the tools using the --forcebranch option. For example:

mdl --forcebranch 25


Basic Incantation

mdl -s

This will work out your current location and run the appropriate actions:

  • if you are in a src directory, it will run shifter --walk;
  • if you are in a subdirectory of a src directory, it will run shifter; and
  • if you are in any other directory, it will run shifter --walk --recursive.

It additionally supports the -v option as a shortcut to --lint-stderr You can additionally pass it any existing shifter options

How does that work?

When a new version of Moodle is branched, a new version of the mdl-sub tool should also be branched capturing the dependencies for that version of Moodle. The name is also updated to reflect the version of Moodle it corresponds to.